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Rectors, Dissections, Ships

A RECTOR is needed for Haddington Grammar School, available for Candlemas First. Interested candidates should contact the Magistrates or Town Clerk, and be sure to include “proper certificates of moral character” and evidence of “ability to teach Latin, Greek and French languages.” Please note, that “no person who has a view to the church need apply.”

Haddington Grammar School Rector

Part V. of A SYSTEM OF DISSECTIONS by Charles Bell is now available, containing DISSECTIONS OF THE BACK PART OF THE THIGH, AND OF THE LEG AND FOOT. Complete with plates. The Edinburgh supplier is MUNDELL AND SON, who can also provide you with the first four in the series, for the sum of 5s. 6d. each: amongst, of course, many other anatomical textbooks.

A System of Dissections

Both THE SHIP TRUE BRITON and THE SHIP PRINCESS OF WALES are currently in Greenock harbour taking on board cargo for their passages west. Masters JAMES PATTERSON and COLIN CAMPBELL respectively. Do note that COOPERS and CARPENTERS, amongst others, are in particular demand for Jamaica.

Greenock Harbour Ships

All excerpts taken from: Caledonian Mercury, 2 Jan. 1800. British Library Newspapers, accessed via National Library of Scotland membership.

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