Lover of challenges, creativity, curiosities. Freelancer, manager, researcher. Folklore, place, people, identity. Some things digital, some things education.

To get in touch, email contact at this website.

Currently working on: a long-running fiction project, and developing a couple of very different ideas. There are also non-fiction thoughts percolating.

Call in at Elosa for brief updates about family life and other oddities.

New for Autumn 2023: Scribbles and Sketches.

Structured(ish) thoughts on a variety of subjects can be found in my Assorted Cogitations notebook. As a by-product of ongoing research, I am sharing newspaper snippets from days gone by: The Newspaper Project. I am also compiling a collection of links, excerpts, quotes, anything I find interesting, really: The Library.

My research thesis, Digital Ethnography and a Virtual Orkney: The Role of Folklore in Creating an Online Orkney Place, can be accessed via the University of Aberdeen repository.

I have collated some of my thoughts on Higher Education which were originally published elsewhere:

These posts were based on a presentation I initially gave to the Medical Educators’ Forum at the University of Edinburgh in April 2018 focussing on The Role of Professional Services Staff in Higher (Medical) Education, which I subsequently further developed for a session at the AUA Autumn Conference in November 2019.

In November 2021, I wrote a follow-up to these thoughts for AUA Development Monthly: Are our roles sustainable? Challenges for Professional Services Staff

Other Higher Education thoughts still online include a shared reflection on Graduate Trainee programmes in the sector, reflecting on experiences of an Ambitious Futures colleague.