#NaNoWriMo 2018

This month I will be undertaking #NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), attempting to write a 50k word manuscript during the month of November. You can follow my progress here and on Twitter.

Starting Point: 2,485  words
Current Tally: 3,588 words


8th November 2018

Just starting to get into a rhythm of writing a single section, or scene, at a time in those few precious available moments.

Word Count: 516 words
Current Tally: 3,588 words


5th November 2018

Not a huge amount of progress in terms of words, but I have now settled on the introduction to each of the (current) seven chapters. In theory, this should mean that I should now be able to pick up each chapter and just go with it. My plan is to start running with these introductions and, as I reach a natural break or hit a wall, to further divide the chapters into sub-sections and do the same with those: even just drafting a sentence of two to start me off the next time I sit down to write.

Word Count: 287 words
Current Tally: 3,072 words

1st November 2018

I started drafting down ideas for this novel, and wrote the first 2,485 words, in September. My aim at that point was to have a first draft by Christmas. It wasn’t until only a week ago that someone suggested the #NaNoWriMo model might help me reach this target.

Today, I refreshed my memory of where I’d got to (I’d written the very start of four of the chapters: there are seven), and allowed myself to continue one of these sections. I have brief bullet points (very brief for some sections!) for the seven chapters, and my aim is to next focus on writing the beginnings of the remaining three chapters. There might not be seven chapters by the time I reach the end of the draft, but at the moment these seven sections help focus my writing. Finishing the beginnings (as it were) will help with the foundation of the novel, offering a structure to return to any (every) time I hit a wall.

Word Count: 300 words
Current Tally: 2,785 words