2013: Crowdfunding

One of my aims or ideas for 2013 is to fund at least one crowd-sourced project or creative venture every month. During 2012 I funded four different projects: two albums for artists unattached to record labels (with extra bonuses such as gigs, books and launch parties), and two different photography art books. One has delivered so far (and delivered with exceptional style) and the other three are due to deliver in the first few months of 2013.

Anyone can outline the risks and pitfalls of the relatively unregulated crowdfunding scene, but I believe in it so I’m going to continue funding such projects throughout 2013 anyway. Some might be provocative, some might be quirky, some might be surprisingly tame: but hopefully all will deliver a final product that was worth the risk.

Lydia Crow
1 January 2013


2013 Crowdfunded Projects
December 2013: Help Two Mumpreneurs to Buy a New Kiln
November 2013: All New Adventures of Morph from Aardman Animations
October 2013: HALF-CAT: A Partial History
October 2013: Renaming of the Birds
October 2013: Rainbow Pencils
September 2013: Bring on the Bears
August 2013: The Amanda Palmer Tarot
August 2013: By the Olive Trees: Stories of Syrian Refugees
July 2013: Salt and Burn – The Board Game
June 2013: The Origin Of Species, Charles Darwin – Evolutionary Edition
May 2013: Gemini and Scorpio Loft Arts Space
May 2013: A Total Disruption: Ondi Timoner’s Portal For Innovators
April 2013: The Incredible Flight Of Birdman Wants You To Die… Happy
March 2013: The 120 Pinhole Project
February 2013: Nomad: A New Studio Album
January 2013: The Cartoon Project

Aforementioned 2012 Crowdfunded Projects
101 Vagina
Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra
Seas Without A Shore
The Manic Shine