Ongoing Projects

ShiverWriggle was launched at the end of June 2009 and published several hundred pieces of fiction and non-fiction over the following four years. A ShiverWriggle Hiatus was announced in November 2013, and a slimmed-down version of the website (with much of the content archived) was quietly relaunched in June 2016. Though there have been some posts since, the site is currently only publishing occasionally.

Previous Projects

2013: Crowdfunding
Documenting the aim to fund at least one crowd-sourced project or creative venture every month throughout 2013.

2013: Year of Music
Documenting the aim to buy or download at least one new album every week throughout 2013.

2013: Year of Reading
Documenting the aim to read at least one book a month, for no other reason than just to read and (hopefully) enjoy it, throughout 2013.

These times call for Big Thoughts. To accompany these, I’ve been thinking about all those wonderful Little Things.

A 2017 project, capturing brief observations of daily commutes by bus through Edinburgh.

Writing and sending a postcard for every day of Lent 2014. There were eight groups of five postcards:  #AMurderofCrows #FirstLines #LiteraryTrivia #MicroChallenge #PostcardChallenge #PostcardPoetry #ToveQuotes #WritingHabits. The majority of the postcards were sent to people within the United Kingdom, but some went as far afield as Australia, Canada and the United States of America.

#MicroMay: Microfiction May
Writing a ten-word or less piece of microfiction each and every day throughout the month of May 2013.

My Year in Twain
A challenge to live life according to Mark Twain, with a specific quote to consider every fortnight throughout 2012. These were documented in a series of essays on this website. The essays are not currently available as they have been removed to be rewritten and published in a single collection.