Higher Education Management

Lydia began what would become her accidental career in Higher Education Administration and Management in 2004, after graduating from her undergraduate degree. Since her first Higher Education role, the most junior position in what was then the Department of Law at the University of Sheffield, Lydia has worked at college and school level as well as centrally, and has substantial experience in English and Scottish Higher Education across a number of areas, including both taught and research student matters, medical education, policy development, and Tier 4 issues.

Lydia is a member of the Association of University Administrators (AUA) and was an Advocate of the AUA Essex Committee throughout 2012/2013, leading on communication matters. AUA Essex received a Network Good Practice Award for the work undertaken throughout the year. Lydia co-presented a session on Academic Offences at the AUA Annual Conference and Exhibition 2013 with her colleague, Heather Tracey, entitled: “It is either easy or impossible.”

Lydia is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Student Representation

Lydia has worked with fellow postgraduate students and sector colleagues on various developments to further opportunities for the postgraduate research community at the University of Highlands and Islands, and has been involved with formal student representation in a variety of forms.

Lydia was a student member of the Scottish Higher Education Enhancement Committee throughout 2013/2014 and 2014/2015 and was a member of the Working Group organising the International Enhancement Themes Conference, held in Glasgow in June 2015. Lydia was also a member and co-chair of the Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities (SGSAH) Doctoral Researcher Committee, and a member of the SGSAH Executive Committee, throughout 2014/2015.

Lydia was a member of the Executive of, and the Postgraduate Officer for, the Students’ Association of the University of Highlands and Islands (UHISA) throughout 2012/2013 and 2013/2014; and was also a student member of the UHI Research Degrees Sub-Committee for 2013/2014 and the UHI Research Committee for 2013/2014. As part of her representative work, Lydia has been a member of various working groups and committees, including the UHISA Clubs and Societies Committee 2012/2013 and the UHISA Elections Committee 2013/2014, and worked with fellow students and colleagues to set up a UHI Postgraduate Mentoring scheme in 2013/2014 and develop a UHI Postgraduate Virtual Learning Environment.

Lydia was a member of the National Union of Students (NUS) Scottish Executive Committee, as Postgraduate Officer, from July 2013 to October 2014; and was also a member of the NUS Postgraduate Committee throughout 2013/2014.


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