Lydia Crow was born in North Lincolnshire at precisely noon one autumn day in 1982. Being a Tuesday’s child, Lydia was apparently destined always to be full of grace, a fact that not all of her siblings would agree with, having witnessed more than a few less than graceful antics over the years.

La Famille Crow (then membership: six) moved to Orkney in 1986, staying there until 1995, meaning Lydia experienced a rather fabulous childhood which included many adventures, explorations, and climbing of cliffs. Eleven years after that fateful autumn day in 1982, once Lydia’s parents had finally stopped having children, Lydia’s position of third eldest in a family of six children was confirmed.

Since leaving Orkney in 1995, Lydia has proven rather hard to pin down geographically, having lived in eight counties across Scotland and England and in eighteen different residences since then. Hailing from a particularly imaginative family, all of Lydia’s siblings are creative in a variety of different ways, and all have inherited both of their parents’ stubborn and rather feisty argumentative streaks, meaning that family gatherings are never dull.

Much to Lydia’s surprise, she got married in 2016. She currently lives in a village in the Highlands partway between Inverness and Nairn, with her husband, daughter, and perpetual puppy.