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Newsletters #1

Scribbles in my Research notebook, Monday 3rd May 2021: observations and writing I have found interesting in the last week.

All sorts of busyness this week, so rather than sharing commentary on articles and early notes for essays, here are a few newsletters I always enjoy receiving.

Did Someone Say Emoji?

I love reading Jennifer Daniel’s newsletter when it lands in my inbox. Each one is filled with genuine passion and excitement about emoji. And, as her latest newsletter explains, there’s a hell of lot of deliberations go into considering which tiny little icons to introduce.

Society of the Double Dagger

If you’re not already signed up to at least one of Robin Sloan’s newsletters, then you really need to correct that haste, post, haste.

The Convivial Society

L. M. Sacasas’ newsletters tend to be cup-of-tea updates (make yourself a strong cup and settle down for a good half an hour to read and ponder, at a deliberate and measured pace), and they always leave my brain fired up and crackling with ideas.

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