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Truths and Delinquency

Scribbles in my Research notebook, Monday 26th April 2021: observations and writing I have found interesting in the last week.

Delinquency and Love

Can we occupy technology with love?” I cannot begin to describe how much I am in favour of delinquent telephone activity, in every way. More of this, please, folks. Let’s cross the streams.


Alan Jacobs on impermanence and renting an internet presence:

“So I’ll write in venues that give me pleasure, that seem fitting for whatever interests me at the moment. And then, one day, if I get the chance to set my affairs in order, I’ll hand over to my family a stack of notebooks and a hard drive full of text files, for them to do with as they please.”

There’s a little something at the back of my mind nudging me back to those comments I made a month back on absence or removal of place. Definite linkages to be made.

Ideas: Uncomfortable Truths

At just gone six this morning, sitting in bed with a cup of tea and First Breakfast, I scribble-typed a few notes on what I briefly referred to as uncomfortable truths. They will likely be the basis of an essay. Here’s an excerpt (not edited):

“Perhaps we need to accept that everything is flawed, depending on where we start, what our process is, and to what logical or illogical conclusion we follow it to. If so, I suggest making the starting point for all change those uncomfortable truths, and revisiting then often. Hopefully, then, we will not convince ourselves of pure intentions where there are none, or become blinkered against issues and consequences we do not want to see as we progress down a path we so desperately want to go.”

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