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Acies and Attention

Scribbles in my Research notebook, Monday 19th April 2021: observations and writing I have found interesting in the last week.


Studio D’s latest newsletter, Radar #24, opens with considering the “baseline skills [needed] to meaningfully function in society.” To literacy and numeracy, they suggest adding Graphicacy, Imageracy, Articulacy, Socialacy and Artificialacy. All of them are defined pretty much as you’d expect. Food for thought.


This is on my ‘re-read to ponder more and gather thoughts’ list: “Your Attention Is Not a Resource” by L. M. Sacasas.

Substack (Again)

Mere hours after Hamish Mckenzie posted that Substack blog post (which turned out to be one of a few), I said I thought it might turn out to be “a pretty big mis-step“. Fast forward to now, and Substack is being used as a way of attacking people who are trans or trans-inclusive. When your platform has become a by-word for anti-trans activity and the very existence of your platform is being used to mock and taunt people, then I’d say, yeah, that’s a pretty big mis-step. Aside from that, the phenomena of a platform being used to represent something specific in this way is worth noting – there’s something meme-like about that in itself.

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