HeiNous Notebooks


Scribbles in my HeiNous notebook, Friday 16th April 2021: observations and writing I have found interesting in the last week.

HEPI-centric this week! Mostly because my media diet has been broadly restricted to a handful of newsletters, given other general busyness.

Happening, Reflecting

Whatever your views on the merit of individual recommendations, Shirley Williams has certainly left quite the professional legacy.

Thoughts from Chris Hale on degree classification, grade inflation and COVID reminded me again how strangely fascinated I am by the narratives that have developed in relation to grade inflation. I have a bizarre urge to, at some point, sit down and map them all out in an organigram/organogram of outrage, evidence and anecdotes.

There is a growing narrative focussing on students being seen as less important people by the current Westminster government. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes next.

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