A (Re)-Introduction

I spend more time than is probably wise trying to rationalise my online presence and engagement across the myriad of different platforms available. I dip my toes in some, I steer clear of most. Some, I wholeheartedly adopt. Others, I leave early, disappointed. If I let myself, the more addictive facet of my personality would take over and I would spend an inordinate amount of time online, wasting time, rather than actually creating and producing All The Things. So much to do, so little time to do it in.

How I(t) Works

Here, on my website, is where I host a sporadic blog on thoughts relating to my research interests (broadly folklore and place, though also covering all manner of other topics). There is no set publication schedule or format. Instead, this is intended to simply be a research notebook of interesting observations and quotes, perhaps some philosophical or theory-related commentary, past and present. Don’t look for too much rhyme and reason, but do feel free to comment with your own thoughts or send me in the direction of interesting and complimentary reading.

Me, Elsewhere

I am other places too, should you be interested. I share monthly updates and works in progress on Substack (As She Flies); I share interesting links and excerpts from my notebooks on Ko-Fi, and; I write all manner of things (including updates regarding my ridiculous family) on ShiverWriggle*. I also tweet occasionally, or not-so-occasionally, as the mood and current priorities take me.

*Currently on hiatus, ShiverWriggle will be lurching into motion again on the 3rd August 2020.

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