A Month on Monday: May 2018

It seems so long since my last blog post, yet it’s only been four weeks. The year is charging on!

This has been a formative month in many ways, with decisions being made and future adventures being set in motion. The other day I submitted my letter of resignation, offering a slightly longer notice period to enable my colleagues to hopefully recruit sooner rather than later. My last full day in Edinburgh will be Wednesday the 5th of September, which really isn’t that far away. Something tells me the time is going to fly by.

Our fire basket has come in useful recently, as we’ve been clearing the garden. And for impromptu barbeques, of course.

I have a whole new direction to think about. Finally, after all these years, I have the capacity to think about what else I want to do now I’ve submitted my thesis (I’m still waiting for my viva date – hopefully it will be confirmed soon). There are so many creative ventures I’ve had to put on hold, that it still seems odd having the time to think about them all. Not that I seem to have the time. We’re busy most weekends catching up with family and friends and I’ve spent nearly every spare waking moment at home out in the garden (which is a good thing: we’ve had glorious weather, and I’m thoroughly enjoying spending so much time outside).

This month saw my brother make a return to these shores, and catching up with him, meeting Aurélie, and spending time as a family at Half A Christmas has been a joy. In less happy news, Osa gave us a bit of a scare this month; but he seems to be getting a bit better now, the old man that he is.

I had planned to launch a new project next week, starting on Monday the 4th of June, but a few unexpected things have come up over the last couple of weeks and so I’m not quite where I wanted to be on that. Maybe I’ll have more news by my next #AMonthOnMonday post.

This is a brief one. The haar is closing in as I sit writing this by the window in Edinburgh. The day started like this, before a burst of glorious sunshine, and now it’s creeping in again. It’s as if the warmth of summer today has been top-and-tailed by November. I’ll certainly miss Edinburgh and her many day-seasons when I leave.

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