Many Months on Monday (Tuesday): Oh, Life!

Oh, how funny it is that we think we can predict even what the immediate future holds for us.

The last A Month on Monday update was way back in mid-May, shortly before a series of unexpected events knocked my plans (and even myself, at times) sideways. Not quite misery, but definitely fuss.

But that is all by the by. These things happen, to all of us. Instead, I have some much more exciting news for you all: after nearly a year and a half of marriage, The Man and I have decided to move in together (for about half the week)! We moved into our cute little home in Croy, near Inverness, just over a week ago, and we’re having far too much fun settling in. It really does feel like home already. Which is odd, because I’m not sure when the last time was that I felt entirely satisfied with using the word ‘home’ to denote a single dwelling place. Curious.

Scotland, ever beautiful, truly comes alive in autumn.

The concept of home is so subjective. I recall listening to a conference presentation a couple of years ago from someone who was undertaking ethnographic research into the understanding of home (I think it may have been focussed around the Polish community in and around Aberdeen). It’s something that means something slightly different to everyone. The Scottish Book Trust published a book on Stories of Home, also a couple of years ago now. It’s a fascinating topic. And, surprising for a pair of individuals who both have such a degree of wanderlust running through their veins, right now The Man and I are both enjoying making a home.

With everything going on, I can’t help but feel that my studies have taken a serious hit; but then I’ve never been happy with my real-time progress. I have, though, started to catch up with where I wanted to be by now, and have a (very ambitious) plan to submit my thesis on time at the end of March. I will be living and breathing my PhD every day until then, with only nine planned days off over Christmas. We’ll see how that goes.

It’s nearly autumn: my favourite season! Expect many photographic updates and Snufkin quotes on social media. Finally, on that note, this is being published in October. I would just like to point out, family and friends, that it’s my birthday in November. Isn’t that perfect?!

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