A Month on Monday (Sunday): April and a Half

Hello, from Hermitude
It’s a wrap. All primary data collection is now complete, and I am wading through my analysis of snippets which I find (depending on the day) packed with helpful and interesting direction, and utterly void of any help at all. This is nothing to do with the data; more, just the now-familiar alternation between optimism and excitement, and mild horror and panic at the entire concept of the fact I have less than a year to submit my thesis now.

All Aboard #CloseCruise

This means that I am drifting in and out of social media interaction at present; tweeting vociferously one day, and then disappearing for a couple of days. I suspect this behaviour will only get more defined over the coming months.

I have rejoined Facebook, for good or ill. Mostly so, over the coming months, I can reassure family and friends I am indeed still alive and well. I dislike intensely just about everything about Facebook; except for real people. Also, The Brother has left on his travels now, so it will be easier to keep up to date with hideously perfect photographs of Thailand (his current temporary home).


#CloseCruise and Dry Thereafter
The last few weeks have been eventful. We hosted a gin tasting (with many thanks to Dr Jenni Connelly) with a cruise theme (interpreted widely), to celebrate Alex’s imminent adventures. Much fun was had by all, as well as much gin.

I’m off alcohol for a couple of months now. I need to get a hell of a lot done in the next few weeks and, with the warm weather creeping in, it gets very easy to be distracted by a chilled glass of crisp white wine in the sun. Alas, I can’t be doing with that right now. Hopefully by early July I’ll have made sufficient progress that I will be able to balance temptation with ongoing productivity. I just need a bit of a footie-up first.

Kishi Bashi and Tall Tall Trees

I do this periodically: take a break from alcohol for a while. Weeks, or months. It’s quite interesting how people react. At some point, I’ll probably write more about this.


For anyone interested in graveyards and history, you should head to Dunalastair House in Perthshire. I have always loved cemeteries and graveyards, and I also love a mystery. Curious non-headstones, therefore, inevitably peak my interest.

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