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2015, October: Myths and Origins (Creation of Identities) Seminar

On the 1st October 2015, I presented aspects of my research to students undertaking the Myths and Origins: Creation of Identities module as part of the MLitt Orkney and Shetland Studies course at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Some of these slides will look a little familiar

Further Information
Image: Moleskinerie by Alexander Michael Crow (Slide #1)
The Orkneyjar webpage is available online here (Slide #2)
Google search for ‘Orkney Blog’ accessed 1st October 2015 (Slide #3)
The Buzzfeed article is available online here (Slide #4)
Image: Photograph of The Old Man of Hoy by Judith Crow (Slide #4)
The Giddy Limit Strip 375 is available online here (Slide #5)
The Giddy Limit Merry Dancers Strip and Facebook conversation is available online here (Slide #5)
Image: Scanned page of a Stenness Peedie Folk printed songbook by Gregor Lamb and Thora Linklater, illustrated by pupils of Stenness Primary School (Slide #6)
The Clapshot Facebook conversation is available online here (Slide #6)
Twitter search for ‘#Orkney #Folklore’ accessed 1st October 2015 (Slide #7)
Tumblr search for ‘#Orkney’ accessed 1st October 2015 (Slide #8)
Dundes, A. (ed.) (1965) The Study of Folklore ed. by Dundes, A. Englewod Cliffs: Prentice-Hall Inc (Slide #9)
Glassie, Henry (1983) The Moral Lore of Folklore Folklore Forum 16(2):123-151 (Slide #10)
Dundes, A. (2005) Folkloristics in the Twenty-First Century The Journal of American Folklore, Vol. 118, No. 470 (Autumn, 2005), pp. 385-408 (Slide #10)
Information relating to the Digital Folklore Project is available online here (Slide #11)
Memes downloaded using a Google Image search on 1st October 2015 (see images for sites of initial origin) (Slide #12)
Information relating to #EdBallsDay can easily be found via a search engine. Screencaps originally from the Twitter accounts of Ed Balls and John Prescott (thereafter quoted in several blogs and online newspapers) (Slide #13)
Warren Ellis’ website is available online here. Orbital Operations is a weekly email update sent to those who have signed up to his mailing list (Slide #14)

For further information relating to sources, please get in touch.

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